Life’s challenges bring an opportunity for healing and growth

Dr. Clifford Taylor

Dr. Taylor’s practice is a place where caring, comprehensive treatment is provided for all of our patients.

Prolonged stress and emotional overload diminish the richness of feeling human. Dr. Clifford Taylor works collaboratively with patients and their loved ones to achieve greater emotional health and relief from mental suffering. He customizes treatments by choosing from a broad range of psychotherapies, conventional and innovative use of medications, supplements, and healthy practices, . He also provides cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, and personality assessments utilizing computerized psychological testing. Treatment is provided in a safe, comfortable, confidential setting where your privacy is maintained and respected. He helps patients to attain new insights, live effectively in the moment, and recount past experiences of competence and resilience. The purpose behind the work of Dr. Taylor is to:

  • Provide comprehensive, specialized care for individuals, couples, and families.
  • Provide the best combinations of medical and psychological treatments.
  • Help patients deal effectively with current issues, and learn new ways to emotionally grow and achieve well-being.

After working remotely since the onset of the SARS Covid-19 virus pandemic, Dr. Taylor will be returning to his office on a full time basis on July 1, 2020 and will seeing patients in the office, and also continuing to offer patients telepsychiatry treatment if that is their preference. Thank you for visiting our website. You are welcomed to familiarize yourself about my educational background, credentials, professional experiences, interests, and to review topics that may be of interest to you.

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