Other Consultation and Evaluation Services

In additional to traditional consultation services to assess the nature of a problem, and to determine treatment choices for individual patients, Dr. Taylor can provide consultation services to family members, and significant others who are considering approaching their loved ones about the need for psychiatric care. He provides second opinion consultations for individuals who are currently in psychotherapy only, receiving medication treatment only, or both. He also provides psychological fitness for duty evaluations for individuals and institutions. Finally Dr. Taylor can assist you in determining if you need specialized evaluation services for attention deficit, learning, pain, sexual, and sleep disorders, conditions related to head injury, cognitive decline, and other medical, and neurological conditions.

If you become psychologically disabled in the course of psychiatric treatment, Dr. Taylor will, with your permission, provide the necessary documentation, or reports required by an employer, insurer, attorney, or governmental agency. Keep in mind, that if you are applying for any form of life, disability, long term care, medical, or other insurance, your potential insurer may ask for your records if you list Dr. Taylor as one of your treating doctors. Every effort will always be made to keep information about your psychological condition, and treatment history as confidential as possible.

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