The Benefits of Psychiatric Care

Psychiatrists are physicians who are trained to assess mental health from both a psychological, and medical point of view. Dr. Taylor is known for his diagnostic expertise, and use of a broad range of treatments that include, medications, supplements, psychotherapies, and healthy practices.

Dr Taylor provides:

Comprehensive Evaluations:

To determine the scope nature of a problem, and ensure correct treatment is provided.

Medication Management:

To monitor ongoing effectiveness, dosages, drug drug interactions, potential side effects, and your medical health over time.

Consulting with your family doctor and other therapists:

Staying in contact with other health care providers, means comprehensive care.

Individual, couples, and family psychotherapy:

Dr. Taylor will help determine which therapies are best suited for your needs and, if anyone should join you regularly, or from time to time in your sessions. He may also provide you with names of other therapists that may be of help to you.

Crisis intervention:

To help you through the most difficult times, Dr. Taylor ensures that help is available 24 hours a day either from him, a covering doctor, or the Morristown Medical Center crises intervention services.

Some Issues That Individuals Face

Some Issues That Couples Face

Some Issues That Parents Face

Affects, Feelings, Emotions, and Mood

Unhealthy Response Styles to Feelings of Shame

Unhealthy Thinking Patterns Connected with Depression

Signs and Symptoms of Major Depression

Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Coping with Stress, Worry, Frustration, Insomnia

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

The Impact of Technology on Mental Health

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